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Ireland - Polo Players
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Arrayago, A, -1, Nothern Ireland
Attwell, D A, 2, All Ireland
Barry, Ms R, -2, Whitfield Court
Beere, G, 1, All Ireland
Berney, T, 1, Brannockstown
Bland, D, -1, Brannockstown
Bland, D, -1, Moyne
Bland, P, -1, Moyne
Boucher, B, 2, All Ireland
Boucher, J, 1, All Ireland
Bowe, L, -1, Moyne
Breheney, N, -1, Whitfield Court
Buchanan, J, NR, Brannockstown
Caffrey, A, 1, All Ireland
Caffrey, A, 1, Brannockstown
Clark, Victor, 0, Brannockstown
Clark, William, -1, Brannockstown
Clarke, William Jnr, -1, Brannockstown
Coe, D, -1, Brannockstown
Coleman, Mrs R, 0, All Ireland
Coleman, Mrs R, 0, Brannockstown
Collins, Steve, -1, All Ireland
Collins, Steve, -1, Brannockstown
Corbett, D, -1, Nothern Ireland
Daly, F, -1, Whitfield Court
Daly, M, 0, Whitfield Court
Dawnay, D, 2, Whitfield Court
Dawnay, H, 1, Whitfield Court
Dawnay, S, 5, Whitfield Court
Doherty, B, 0, All Ireland
Doherty, B, 0, Nothern Ireland
Doherty, S, -1, All Ireland
Doherty, S, -1, Nothern Ireland
Donnelly, Patrick, 0, All Ireland
Donnelly, Patrick, -1, Nothern Ireland
Donnelly, Peter, -2, Nothern Ireland
  • Ferro, Federico, 0, Nothern Ireland
    Fitzgerald, Miss N, -1, Nothern Ireland
    Fitzgerald, P, 0, All Ireland
    Fitzgerald, P, 0, Nothern Ireland
    Flahavan, P, -1, Whitfield Court
    Flores, M, 3, All Ireland
    Follows, R, -1, Nothern Ireland
    Fox, D, 0, All Ireland
    Fox, M, 0, All Ireland
    Giles, Mario, 1, Polo Wicklow
    Giles, Sandra, -2, Polo Wicklow
    Gilson, Mrs O, -1, All Ireland
    Hamilton, H, -1, Moyne
    Hanniffy, Capt A, -1, Moyne
    Hanniffy, D, -2, Moyne
    Hearne, Johnny, 0, Moyne
    Heffron, P, -2, Nothern Ireland
    Hendrik Tobbe, J, -2, Whitfield Court
    Hennessy, G, -2, Moyne
    Hennessy, C, 0, Whitfield Court
    Herbst, M, 0, All Ireland
    Herbst, Miss S, 0, All Ireland
    Hillman, T, 0, All Ireland
    Hillman, T, 0, Brannockstown
    Hutchinson, Mrs C, -1, Nothern Ireland
    Hutchinson, R, 0, All Ireland
    Hutchinson, R, 0, Nothern Ireland
    Hutchinson, S, 2, All Ireland
    Hutchinson, S, 2, Nothern Ireland
    Kavanagh, John Sr, 1, Nothern Ireland
    Kavanagh, Jonathan, 2, Nothern Ireland
    Kennedy, G, 0, Whitfield Court
    Kennedy, J, 0, Whitfield Court
    Kennedy, J Jnr, 0, Whitfield Court
    Kennedy, M, -2, Moyne
    Keane, D, 0, Moyne
    Keane, J, 0, Moyne
    Kenrick, T, -1, Whitfield Court
    Kidd, M, 0, Nothern Ireland
  • Lacey, L, 0, All Ireland
    Lambton, S, -1, Moyne
    Laverty, E, 0, All Ireland
    Laverty, E, 0, Nothern Ireland
    Lilburn, C, -1, Nothern Ireland
    Luttrell, J, -1, Whitfield Court
    Lynham, B, -1, All Ireland
    Mackay, A P, 0, All Ireland
    Madrazo, A, 0, Nothern Ireland
    McIntyre, F, 0, All Ireland
    McIntyre, F, 0, Nothern Ireland
    McKeever, G, -1, Nothern Ireland
    McKinney, C, 0, All Ireland
    Meenaghan, Michael, 0, All Ireland
    Moran, J, 0, All Ireland
    Morgan, M, 0, Nothern Ireland
    Morgan, T, 1, Nothern Ireland
    Mullins, B, 1, All Ireland
    Mullins, B, 1, Brannockstown
    Murphy, C, 2, All Ireland
    Nolan, D, -1, Moyne
    O'Connell, James, 2, All Ireland
    O'Connell, James, 2, Brannockstown
    O'Connell, Joe, 2, All Ireland
    O'Connell, S, 0, All Ireland
  • O'Dea, Maurice, 5, Whitfeil Court
    O'Keefe, J, 0, Whitfield Court
    O'Mahoney, L, 1, All Ireland
    O'Malley, W, -1, Whitfield Court
    O'Reilly-Hyland, C, 0, All Ireland
    Paget, Michael, -1, All Ireland Polo Club
    Park, R, -2, Nothern Ireland
    Palit, Maj Gen D, 1, Moyne
    Power, Miss D, -1, Whitfield Court
    Ramirez, R, 3, Nothern Ireland
    Reilly, P T, 0, Whitfield Court
    Reynolds, S, -1, All Ireland
    Reynolds, S, -1, Brannockstown
    Rhattigan, A, 0, All Ireland
    Rodriguez, M, 5, Nothern Ireland
    Roldan, G, 1, All Ireland
    Roldan, G, 1, Nothern Ireland
    Roley, J, -2, Brannockstown
    Ronan, P F, 0, Whitfield Court
    Seale, Roy, -1, Moyne
    Shannon, P, 0, All Ireland
    Sheeran, J, 0, All Ireland
    Sheeran, J, 0, Brannockstown
    Sherrard, Miss G, 0, All Ireland
    Solorzano, J, 2, Nothern Ireland
    Stone, D, 0, All Ireland
  • Stone, Dave, -1, All Ireland
    Stone, David, 1, All Ireland
    Taylor, Capt R, -1, Nothern Ireland
    Thompson, D, 1, Moyne
    Traverso, A, 5, Whitfield Court
    Twiss, R, -2, Moyne
    Verón, P, 1, Nothern Ireland
    Waterford, The Marquess of, NR, All Ireland
    Weale, D, 0, All Ireland
    Weale, D, 0, Nothern Ireland
    Wilson, Tom, NR, All Ireland
    Wilson, Tom, NR, Nothern Ireland

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