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Thanks to everyone for the overwhellmingly positive worldwide reception to PoloCenter over the past 5 years and for the hundreds of emails with constructive criticism and positive suggestions as to the course that PoloCenter should take to make it a really useful site for the convenience of polo players and indeed all equestrians.

If you read the about page, you would know that the prime purpose of PoloCenter is to help in the promotion of polo.  It was started on the spur of the moment with no prior planning and came online on November 20, 2000 with just 5 pages! While still only a one-person effort, PoloCenter has grown to over 700 pages with approximately 50,000 links and listings. The site resides on 3 servers thus virtually guaranteeing 100% up time.

Many of those pages are 'Horse Support and Convenience Pages'.  Support pages cover more or less everything required for the gear, care and transport of horses while convenience pages include items for equestrians and equine disciplines other than polo.

PoloCenter remains relatively unknown with current full page views averaging at just over 2,000,000 per year. There is little time to seek link backs or submit to search engines. For now, getting the word out depends largely on the voice of those who already find the site useful.  So please help. If you find this site useful and you have a website please link back.  If you don't have a website then tell your polo and other equestrian friends and suppliers about it.

Polo people already know about polo. PoloCenter's role is not to reinvent the wheel but to enhance it by bringing the 'polo' word to all equestrians worldwide. PoloCenter is not a business.  It is a private non-commercial site.  It is not a free classified ad site for businesses nor is its intent to serve businesses.  Rather, It is a directory for polo and other equestrians to more easily find what ever polo or horse information they need. By so doing, the 'polo' word is seen worldwide and as a result, has had considerable success in bringing new interests into polo... the worlds fastest contact sport!

Thank you for visiting.

Palm Beach, Florida


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