Polo Clubs and Players in Jamaica - 1942 to 1959
The following names and places are written from memory in memory.   Without these names, there would be no reason for PoloCenter.   If anyone sees any errors or ommissions in players names and/or places, I would very much appreciate additions and/or corrections.   Thanks.

Gilnock - Santa Cruz - St. Elizabeth

Densham, Basil and Joyce - Gilnock - Santa Cruz
Densham, Lionel - Gilnock - Santa Cruz
Godfrey, Michael - Mandeville - Manchester
Godfrey, Ray - Mandeville - Manchester
Goodwin, Col. and Pamela - Mandeville - Manchester
Jobson, Cecil - Long Hill - Santa Cruz
Miller, Courtney - Chudley - Christiana - Manchester
Roper*, John - Long Hill - Santa Cruz (moved to Drax Hall Polo Club)

Knutsford Park & Up Park Camp - St. Andrew

Bolton, Warner - St. Andrew
DeRoux, Bobbie - May Pen - St. Catherine
Goffe, Lester - Highgate - St. Mary
Junor, Eddie - St. Andrew
Lalor, Dennis - St. Andrew
Langford, Cecil - St. Andrew
Masterton, John, DVM, - St. Andrew
Melville*, John - St. Andrew (moved to Drax Hall Polo Club)
Nunes, Nigel - St. Andrew
Nunes, Stafford - St. Andrew
Rerrie*, Capt. Tinker - St. Andrew (moved to Drax Hall Polo Club)
Watt, Joe - St. Andrew
Watt, Ken - St. Catherine
Webster, Carl - St. Andrew
Webster, Clive - St. Andrew

St. James - moved to Blue Hole, Hanover

Brownie, Tonie - Montego Bay
Burke, Basil - Montego Bay
Delisser, Hon. Willy - Blue Hole - Hanover
Delisser, Tippy - Hanover
Edwards, Ellis - Doctor's Cave - Montego Bay
Roxborough, Frank - Pantrypant - Bunkers Hill - Trewlany
Roxborough, Malcolm - Montego Bay

St. Ann's Bay - St. Ann

Blagrove, Capt. Peter - Hopewell - Brown's Town?
Calder, Colin - Cranbrook - Runaway Bay
Clarke, Owen - Worthy Park - Ewarton - St. Catherine
Commrie, Walter - Lydford
Cotter, Capt. Charlie - Golden Spring - Claremont
Coxe, Charles - Comtekki - Claremont
Coxe, H. Keith - Comtekki - Claremont
Dennison, Capt. Peter - Brown's Town?
DeRoux, Keith - Carlton - Claremont
Ewan, Gordon, MD - Lydford
Fisher, Jim - Enfield - Brown's Town
Jobson, Rudolph - Lydford
Keeling, Alan - Thickets - Claremont
Lewis, Gordon - Runaway Bay
Mais, Leslie - Upton - Ocho Rios
Melville*, John - Arthur's Seat - Epworth
McGrath, Capt. Donald - Trafalgar - Claremont
Miller, Harry - Lydford
Nestel, Barry and Heather, DVM's - St. Ann's Bay
Payton, Michael - St. Ann's Bay
Pratt, Richard - Mamee Bay - St. Ann's Bay
Pratt, Teddy - Mammee Bay - St. Ann's Bay
Purchase, Geoff - Orange Valley - Brown's Town
Rerrie, Capt. Anthony - Rocky Wood - Runaway Bay
Rerrie*, Capt Tinker - Murphy Hill - Epworth
Roper, Frank - Grier Park - Moneague
Roper*, John - Grier Park - Moneague
Roper, Richard - Moneague
Shepherd, Allan - Lydford
Stuart, Col. Robin - Shaw Park - Ocho Rios
Williams, Rolly - Lydford

Drax Hall 1955 - Col. Robin Stuart on 'Sabu'
'Sabu' owned by H. Keith Coxe was sold to the Hon. Willie DeLisser
for US$2000, the highest price ever to be paid for a polo pony in Jamaica up to that time.

Personal Mention
Vet: Margorie Pronga, DVM - Blacksmith: Penwill Morris
Grooms: Lawford, Gene Jackson & Claudie Thompson

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