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About PoloCenter - November 20, 2000
The concept of PoloCenter.com was born on November 2, 2000 when I received a general email from a polo web site.   In that email there was a very profound question ... "What have you done for polo lately?"   My answer was simple ... nothing!   Heck, I hadn't even been on a horse in over 20 years.

After a week of pondering, I finally decided I would try to help in the promotion of the sport of kings by promoting other polo-related web sites, and by helping others to get a web presence... an interesting but daunting task!

Nevertheless, I set about researching relevant sites and writing down their web addreses while all the time thinking... there just isn't enough time to get a fancy site up and ready to participate in a reasonable amount of time.   The answer was to bring what I've got and go from there!   PoloCenter.com with just 5 pages and barebones as it was, went online on November 20, 2000 just 18 days after receiving that email!

Interaction and Participation
The success of PoloCenter.com in its effort to help in promoting polo will depend greatly on your interactivity and participation.   That is, your suggestions regarding categories and sites that should be added or deleted, dead or incorrect links, and general constructive criticisms which would make this site better serve its intended purpose.   To this end, PoloCenter.com will employ every possible means it can find to afford ease of interactivity and participation on a worldwide basis by a full spectrum of interests from 10-goalers to feed suppliers to spectators alike.

Please email your URL's to be added to PoloCenter.com and please let your friends and associates know about PoloCenter. This is just a beginning, there is much yet to come!

Thanks and many happy polo days to you. :-)

Palm Beach, Florida


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